Customer Relationship Management

Maximize your customer relationship with CRM Solution

At Agrata, we know the value of each customer to your business and the paramount necessity of maintaining excellent relationship with them. Agrata CRM solution will help you go an extra mile to attain and maintain customer satisfaction. It will provide you with the tools and the methodology to manage a variety of CRM implementation issues in areas like customer retention, account management, campaign management, customer self service and devise strategies to increase revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction.

You will be able to manage your customer contacts in an efficient manner and perform conclusive analysis in the area of ( CRM ) customer relationship management.

Agrata CRM Solution is built using the latest cutting-edge Microsoft technologies and will be customized totally to the needs of your enterprise. We also have expertise in customizing and implementing Microsoft CRM into your enterprise.

Whether it is a marketing campaign or an online customer care process, we excel at developing robust, scalable and best-in-its’s-class CRM solutions.

Agrata has expertise in following CRM technologies:

  • Microsoft CRM
  • Agrata CRM Solution

Our solution will help you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve the productivity standards of your employees and help you improve your ROI on your CRM investments.

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