BPO & Call Center Services

BPO Services

Agrata offers online support services that use the internet as a platform to build the desired recognition value in the eyes of your customers through good customer servicing.

Our expertise lies in providing web based customer support services. We follow a very well-structured methodology in carrying out the process to ensure high-quality and short turnaround time.

Agrata’s BPO services include the following:

Email-based Support

We are committed to manage your email support requirements from customers. We strive to build exceptional customer relationships with effective and high-quality responses that are tailor-made to your customer’s unique queries within a very short turnaround time.

Our key differentiation lies in the following:

  • Well-researched Response
    Our email support team is trained to develop knowledge about the business process that they are responsible for. Each and every query is carefully understood and issues are well-researched to gather all the valid points that pertain to that query. This helps in obviating the problem of “scanned responses” and brings about an element of customization in the response.
  • Scalable Process Design
    The process workflow is designed to cater to complex situations. We lay emphasis on building an extensive knowledge base to enable us to draft concise and accurate responses to customer queries. Exceptional cases are escalated first to Supervisors and subsequently to the client using a carefully designed escalation process. This process is designed to ensure a quick response time and encourage ownership and accountability.
  • Quality Orientation
    Our Quality Analysts ensure that responses are framed in a structured form and are accurate and complete in all respects. They also facilitate quality through checks and ongoing assistance to our CCP team. Our quality team runs periodic quality-centric programs which focus on building process efficiencies and improving quality and productivity of the CCP team through process reengineering.
  • First Time Resolution
    Our team is trained to provide one contact resolution to customer’s query. We anticipate customer’s next question and attempt to make the first response as comprehensive as possible to ensure first time resolution. We encourage minimization of number of contacts – it has a beneficial impact on both customer satisfaction and processing costs.

Online Profile Approvals

A big part of a community portal is inviting memberships and registrations in order to build a member/client base. A number of times companies running portals and online service channels are not able to make headway with their marketing efforts as they are wary about handling the surge in registrations and membership requests. Thus, they first have to invest in building the set up for support before they can get aggressive on the marketing front.

We can provide just the set up needed to completely take care of this aspect of your business process. Systems and methodologies to manage the process have been set up by us and guidelines to maintain the same. Before approving any profile, we lay down the criteria for the approval or the conditions that profile must meet for it to be approved.

You are assured of a clean website that is free from any obscenity/nudity or any objectionable textual matter and graphics which could negatively affect your website.

Online Chat

Agrata provides online chat services to provide “round-the-clock” support to customers via online chat. Online chat is one of the best ways to support your customers as it provides 24/7 support with significant cost-effectiveness. The benefits of providing this service to your customers are many. It will increase customer satisfaction because your customer will receive a real-time response and would not have to wait. This real time support can have text, voice and video support as well, depending upon the technical set up of your servers. We can also arrange for the same in case your hosting set up doesn’t support these services.

Web Content Approval

We understand the benefits that a good content can bring to a website. It makes business sense for you to have the right and relevant content free from any objectionable material. We specialize in combing the archived parts of the website and filter it accordingly to remove the filth and unnecessary content. This is applicable to web forums and other online public places where regulation of the content becomes difficult. Also, with the increase in the number of registered users, the influx of the content flowing in for uploading becomes large enough. Agrata can help you with managing this part as we can immediately ramp-up our operations depending on the content traffic on your site.

For new content that keeps flowing in, we will implement a well-structured process that will allow us to check all the user-driven content against the guidelines for each category and then accordingly upload it if it meets the criteria or disapprove it, if it does not meet the criteria.

Website Bug Reports

A fully-functional website free from any bugs is indispensable necessity for your web project to succeed. In order to make sure that all sections of website are up and running, our team of developers and testers will periodically check the entire functionality. In case of any bugs or errors, we have a capable team to not only report those bugs to your technical team but also fix them from our location to ensure immediate rectification.

Web Content Development

Agrata understands the importance of relevant and right content for an effective web positioning and enhancing of the user interest. Our content writers understand the nature of the content that should be published on various types of websites like dating, technology, marketing etc. We are well positioned to develop new content, re-write and correct the existing content thus helping you to align more closely with your target audience.

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