Agrata Solutions first priority is to create satisfied customers in long term business relationships, everyone at Agrata Solutions has a role in this. We are in true essence a people oriented company. We advocate freedom and openness at work. And this extends beyond calling everyone by first names. To us, openness at work means that everyone has the right to opinionate, question and debate over established norms. And that is how we derive our creativity!

Agrata Solutions believes in Competing on Human Capital and people as volunteer investors. Hence we help each individual become the best he or she can be in line with our bottom line:

“Employing technology, Empowering People”

Agrata Solutions has people-oriented culture and HR policies; hence it offers the following benefits:

  • Working on cutting-edge technologies
  • Competitive salary with regular appraisals
  • Secure and relaxed work environment
  • Opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • Access to training opportunities to further domain and Technology knowledge

Working from Home for team members who can’t operate from office due to personal reasons (for certain positions)

Agrata Solutions seeks motivated candidates with a solid track record and proven technical skills. Each year we place hundreds of qualified professionals in full time, contract, consulting and direct positions with leading technology firms. Our employees, associates and consultants are expected to integrate seamlessly into the client environment and provide service that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Agrata Solutions philosophy is to hire top talent with whom we build long-term relationships. We are committed to enhancing our associates’ careers and providing them with challenging and rewarding opportunities. We offer opportunities in the following areas.

Contract Services:

Client turn to contract services to augment core staff in a variety of circumstances, such as business expansion, project overload and technology implementation, we offer both short-time and project-oriented employment options.


This service option allows candidates an on-the-job evaluation period to evaluate their potential role and fit within the organization. At the same time, the client can evaluate a candidate’s capabilities and compatibility before making a permanent hiring decision.

Consulting Resources:

Agrata Solutions consulting services help clients manage shifting priorities and achieve their strategic business plans. We seek high-caliber candidates who can implement strategic and operational solutions that add value and deliver results.

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